Contracting Professionals Boot Camp

The Contracting Officer Boot Camp was put together as a corroborative effort between the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) Acquisition Center and the Huntsville NCMA Chapter in 2009. The executive director of the Acquisition Center for AMCOM expressed her concerns of the serious shortfalls of 1102s and the impact to leadership in the contracts profession to the Chapter leaders of the Huntsville NCMA. The executive director’s concern is a challenge that is faced by many in the contract management workforce – the workforce is aging and retiring at a pace faster than the next generation is replacing them.

The Huntsville Chapter offered their assistance to help with this problem and worked with the AMCOM Acquisition Center to develop week long “Boot Camp” training to prospective contracting officers. The training is not designed nor intended to supplant DAU, ALMC, AFIT or any of those more formal institutions of formal training — but this was designed as a basic ‘tool up’ prior to receiving the KO warrant.

Since 2009, the Huntsville NCMA along with the AMCOM Acquisition Center has provided numerous Boot Camps to new Contracting Officers. The training has been instrumental in demonstrating what NCMA is all about – education, leadership, and networking – and to demonstrate that NCMA is truly a neutral forum where both government and industry can meet, have discussions, and exchange ideas without compromising either side.

While the AMCOM Contracting Officer Boot Camp is strictly for US Government 1102s – the Huntsville Chapter launched a Contracting Officer Boot Camp for Industry (and US Government personnel) in the Fall of 2011. Conducted as a one day a month 5 month training opportunity, students can sign up for individual one day sessions or the entire session over a 5 month period.