Fellow Application Process

Members should submit their application package to the Chapter Fellow Chairperson or the Chapter President. Application s must be signed by a Fellows Chairperson or Chapter President. If the application is for either of those two positions, then the application must be signed by the other position.

Applications must be submitted to the Chapter Fellow Chairperson or the Chapter President in duplicate if hard copy or, if submitted electronically, the applicant must provide all such documentation (to include copies of papers, certificates, diplomas or transcripts) electronically or on computer disc or CD-ROM. ELECTRONIC SUMBSISSION IS PREFERRED.

The Chapter Fellow Chairperson will review the application package for completeness and then forward to the Chapter President for approval. When the package is approved for submission the Chapter Fellow Chairperson will submit the verified application to the address below. Once, the package has been submitted the Chapter Fellow Chairperson will notify the nominee.

Nominations may be made at anytime.

Nominations must be addressed:

National Contract Management Association
21740 Beaumeade Circle
Suite 125
Ashburn, VA 20147
OR [email protected]

Need More Information?

 Contact the Fellow’s Chairperson – John Callahan – [email protected]