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A message from our President!

Message from Sharon Porter, NCMA Huntsville Chapter President 2017-2018

As Chapter President for the 2017-2018 Program Year, along with the Board of Directors, Committees and Advisors, I invite you to connect with your peers in one of the largest Chapters of NCMA!

The Huntsville Chapter is an amazing chapter! This year we will bring back several events from the past and start up some new events to encourage future growth and retention. We are also adding a little spice to what we have always done. To begin with we will be offering our monthly meeting at a variety of times and places. We will keep the third Thursday of the month, but this year breakfast and after hour meetings will be added to give those who are not always able to leave the office at lunch an opportunity to attend. Serena Forbes, Executive Vice President of Programs, is keeping the speakers and topics interesting and educating to any contracting professional. We have also brought back the Mentoring Program with Lee Ann Hunt coordinating. We will have TWO Certification Study Groups, the first will be CFCM this fall and in the spring, CPCM both led by Jimmy Sorrell. We are planning to be able to proctor those exams here in Huntsville, so keep an eye on the website for any announcements! Our C.A.R.T. (Contract Administration Round Table) organized by Randy Centanni will continue to be held monthly at local venues with inspiring speakers, and it’s FREE! Our NES (National Education Event) will be November 9, 2017, Key Contract Terms and Conditions, and the speaker will be none other than the Author – Jim Kirlin. Our HES (Huntsville Education Seminar) will be held in April featuring Michelle Currier as our guest speaker. Your President-Elect, Denise Kirkpatrick is responsible for pulling these two event together.

We are looking forward to the new events too! Lexi Carpenter, Vice President of Membership, is introducing a couple of events for the Young/Advancing Professionals and working with our local colleges to recruit student members. Our Vice President of Education, Chuck Harwood, will be making sure your education needs are being met with webinars, seminars and other events all program year. Our Secretary, Melissa Gaddis and Treasurer, Jennifer Perkins, will be at most all of our events too. Please be sure to extend a hand of gratitude for all they do for your chapter.

Our Sponsorship program has been upgraded, thanks to Allison Hodgins. Please involve your employer and tell them of all the marketing opportunities available by being a sponsor for NCMA Huntsville!

This is only a small portion of what is happening in your local chapter of contracting professionals! Make a commitment to be a part of this group of individuals, who bring something unique and necessary to contracting in our state!

Hope to see you soon!