Contract Management Leadership Development Program (CMLDP)

The CMLDP is designed to help develop the next generation of contract management leaders through an intensive yearlong educational experience. Program participants will receive 180 hours of top quality training in fundamental leadership, association volunteerism, NCMA governance, and contract management. The program is quite relevant to contract management professionals regardless of their employer, location, or industry.

The CMLDP was created to quickly close the gap in leadership progression by accelerating the preparation of a select group of contract management professionals. Candidates will have demonstrated a level of commitment to their professional development unmatched in the field and, as a result, will carry with them a unique, meaningful credential that will open doors to new challenges and professional opportunities.

The Candidate

The ideal candidate should have at least two years but not more than eight years of experience, and have not yet achieved supervisory level in the contract management profession. They must hold an undergraduate degree, or higher, from an accredited institution. The candidate would have a strong desire to become an inspirational leader, considered a top performer by their employers, and have a high degree of potential for advancement. This program is for “the best of the best.” Other than those mentioned, there are no specific qualifications required, but as you will see from the application form there are certain criteria that will determine who may be chosen for this select program.

The Experience

In addition to the extensive classroom and online coursework contained in the program, your leadership growth will include a series of assignments designed to round out your development. These experiences include serving as a volunteer NCMA leader at a local chapter and possibly for the national organization. Volunteering for NCMA is like immersing yourself in a “leadership incubator,” where you may eventually become the president of a functioning, vibrant chapter. In addition, you will write a research paper on a topic of interest to you, which will be based on the contract management career field. It is possible your research paper may be published in Contract Management magazine or the Journal of Contract Management. Also, for the duration of the program, you will work with two mentors who will assist you in achieving your professional development goals and to offer their input on your assignments. You will be given the opportunity to select your own mentors, but NCMA has a pool of professionals standing by to assist. These mentors come from most experienced and accomplished people within our profession-our NCMA Fellows.

The Commitment

NCMA, your employer, your mentors, and your local NCMA chapter, are ready to invest a significant amount of time and money to prepare you to assume a leadership position. In return, NCMA requires that you be a member for the duration of the program and for two years thereafter; that you actively serve as a volunteer with your local chapter during the program and for two years thereafter; and that you honor and uphold the Contract Management Code of Ethics throughout your professional career. There is an expectation that a successful graduate of the program will assume a leadership position at the chapter level and may contribute to national leadership as well.

Admission to the program requires a commitment of your time to attend the four in-residence events. The remainder of the program is conducted through webinars, group and self-paced activities that do not require time away from the office.

Candidates should consider their ability to manage time to complete required coursework, mandatory in-residence events, maintaining NCMA membership, and commitment to their NCMA chapter or National prior to applying for the program.

The Cost

You must be an NCMA member to apply, but there is no application fee. NCMA is investing in future leaders, so the cost of materials, instruction, seminars, conferences, and mentoring is provided at no cost to participants. (You should know the market value of the training you receive would exceed $15,000!)

The only expense participants experience is travel-related costs to attend the four in-residence events. Applicants may seek support for these expenses in full or in part from their employers or their chapters. Your total travel expense for the program will vary depending upon where you live, but we estimate your travel expenses will be from $4,000 to $8,000 for the year. Ask the NCMA Huntsville Scholarship Committee about new potential scholarships that may be available to help defray some of these out-of-pocket costs!

The Application

Call for applications are from May 1 – June 29 of the program year.

Huntsville NCMA past CMLDPs

Lexi Carpenter / 2018-2019
Denise Kirkpatrick / 2015 – 2016
Lisa Salvador / 2012 – 2013
Sherry Trowbridge / 2008 – 2009
Sandy Allbee / 2007 – 2008
Kim Waugh / 2006 – 2007